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            All federal and state court systems subject litigants to a wide array of deadlines.  Such deadlines are manifest in the form of statutes of limitations, deadlines for filing pleadings and conducting discovery, and appealing a judgment, among other things.  When an attorney misses a deadline, they results can be catastrophic for the client; not only could missing a deadline prevent the client from bringing or defending claims on which he could have otherwise prevailed, but also it could expose the client to monetary sanctions in some cases. 

            Missed deadlines are among the most catastrophic examples of negligent conduct on the part of lawyers.  In many cases, obtaining compensation for the resulting damages from the attorney who missed the deadline will be the client’s only recourse.  If your attorney missed a deadline, and your interests were compromised as a result, you may have a claim for legal malpractice.  In these circumstances, you should contact an attorney with experience in the field to maximize your recovery.


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