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           Regardless of whether your underlying case involves personal injury, divorce, criminal matters, or transactional issues, the requirements for bringing a legal malpractice claim against your lawyer are the same.  In order to sustain an action for legal malpractice, you must be able to show four things:

  • That the attorney owed you a duty as his client;
  • That the attorney breached that duty; 
  • That, by breaching the duty, the lawyer caused harm to the client; and           
  • That the client can prove actual damages resulting from this harm.

           You should have a general sense of both the lawyer’s alleged error and the damage you suffered as a result before consulting with an attorney.  Before undertaking further pursuit of your claims, however, you should schedule a consultation with a legal malpractice specialist in order to ensure that you take all necessary steps to recover your damages.


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